​​She Feels .

Besides my custom paintings you can also purchase limited edition merchandise like prints,tee shirts , watches , pillows ect. ect..

Another collaboration is with Society6.com 

Modify Watches are custom timepieces, hand-assembled in San Francisco. Our tagline is Show Your Colors, and we mean it. Our belief is that you should be able to wear your passion on your wrist.

But there's so much more. Our watches are made of stainless steel, scratch-resistant polycarbonate and silicone, so they're comfortable, lightweight and durable. And, of course, they're interchangeable, so you can mix-and-match (OR MODIFY!) your look. 

​​​​ Letters Escape.

The artwork on Society6 is created by artists from around the world.
When you buy a product from Society6, we produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist.
Society6 was founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste and Justin Wills.

Winter's Breath.

​​Sky's The Limit .

New Drippy Tag t shirt now in Gold Or Silver .$25.00 plus shipping 

Limited Prints $20.00 Numbered and signed.

In collaboration with Modifywaches.com 

A limited series from my newest collection